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Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni had just turned 20 when he began his pioneering journey inspired by his creative vision. He was young and brave, which allowed him to immediately create special and unique handcrafted pieces that the world would soon appreciate.

His ground-breaking approach changed the very nature of the jewellery business.

For Pasquale Bruni, Valenza was and always will be a place of excellence.

This is where Pasquale founded his workshop and raised his family. This is the reassuring cradle where his work has evolved, inspired by the vitality of his clients and their worlds.

Eugenia has been part of the company since childhood when she acquired a natural passion for her father’s work.

Nurtured in a “loving creative environment,” she had Pasquale add to all collections a feminine touch along with colour.

In 2001 she undertook full responsibility for the creative direction of the brand, adding a contemporary soul to each new collection.

From “Ghirlanda” to “Sissi” to the iconic “Bon Ton”and “Giardini Segreti”.

Eugenia cherishes the true essence of nature, experimenting colours and shapes to enhance the feminine allure.

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