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Favorite Neighborhood Store

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Why Customers Stay with Us

For many years, Bernie Robbins has exceeded customers' expectations. Locals have embraced each of our locations. Customers tend to stay with us. We are grateful and humbled to be the favorite neighborhood jewelry store.

Our community has grown to anticipate certain things from Bernie Robbins including honest, helpful service and a relaxed environment. Every customer receives special treatment, which is really quite customary. We've been creating memorable experiences for many years, and it's all about the special touches.

Heartwarming Moments at Bernie Robbins

When a customer has a need or a special moment worth celebrating, it ignites a fire within us to find a way to make it remarkable!

Back in the early 2000's, we had an opportunity to meet an unusual request. An active duty soldier in Afghanistan had purchased an engagement ring. He wanted our help in proposing to the love of his life. We hired technicians to hardwire a video conferencing setup. (This was before Skype and Facetime!) Then we arranged for the special young lady to stop in for a visit, and she was overjoyed at the surprise proposal. After a beautiful and emotional moment, we celebrated their engagement with champagne, flowers and a few of their relatives who were hiding in the next room.

On separate occasion, a man and a lady came into our store. It was their first time at Bernie Robbins, and they were shopping for a birthday gift to celebrate the lady's birthday milestone. We chatted with the couple while they thoroughly browsed our collections of fine jewelry. The owner, Harvey, sent for fresh flowers and surprised our guest with a beautiful bouquet. Whether or not she chose to buy something was not his concern. Our priority was to honor her birthday and help her to feel worthy of celebration.

Community Outreach and Support

Bernie Robbins has a great reputation for being hands on in the local community. It is our right and privilege to support families and small businesses in our area. We frequently sponsor events and contribute to local fundraisers. Our industry relationships and influential power help us garner support for many charities and foundations. We have partnered with Roberto Coin, Hearts On Fire, Rolex and others to help causes. Charities that we've supported in the past are the Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation, the AtlantiCare Foundation, the Gift of Life Family House, and the Utley Foundation, among many others.

Awards and Accolades

Bernie Robbins Jewelers is a regional leader in luxury jewelry. Among our four locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we have received a number of awards. Bernie Robbins was voted the Best of the Shore, Best of Philly, Best of the Main Line and has also received awards for Excellence in Design and Renovation. We are honored and truly grateful to be recognized for our efforts. We appreciate each of the votes submitted on our behalf by the members of our community. Thank you for making us your favorite neighborhood jewelry store.

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